What Is Flotation Therapy?

Enter and experience your own private cacoon filled with 600 litres of water and 500kg of epsom salts. The combination creates a solution so buoyant that it is impossible to sink.

Inside the Pod, air and water is carefully controlled at skin temperature. The boundaries of touch and feel fade as you float atop the solution, losing the sense of where your body ends and the water begins.

Light and sound disappear, gravity is no more. Completely unplugged – your mind, body and soul are able to enter into deep relaxation as you float for an undisturbed hour.

At the completion of your float session music softly plays letting you know that your time in the pod has come to an end. Gently re-entering the world around you.

About Floatation

Float therapy can be a beautiful experience but the range of possible health benefits are even more exciting.

Perhaps, it’s the combination of the experience and the benefits that are touting the healing power of flotation therapy around the world.

Some of the many benefits you may experience from flotation therapy are:

Pain relief, improved injury-recovery time, assistance with injury rehabilitation, stress relief, profound relaxation, deep meditation, enhanced creativity and focus, mental and physical revitalisation, assistance with anxiety or depression and help with addictive behaviours.

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Jarrod Croker
Canberra Raiders captain Jarrod Croker visits Pure Zen

Float to relieve pain, improve injury recovery times or to assist with rehabilitation.

In an Epsom salt solution that is more buoyant than the Dead Sea your muscles, bones and joints can experience deep relief.

From professional athletes like NBA MVP Steph Curry or Manchester United Captain Wayne Rooney to those with chronic or long term injuries, floatation therapy can be an effective treatment assisting with pain relief, recovery and rehabilitation.

Float for total relaxation, deeper meditation or to assist with stress relief.

It’s been said that Flotation therapy is the new meditation.

Have you ever experienced that deep feeling of calm just before you drift off to sleep?
During this dream like state of total relaxation the brain emits theta waves which can be measured by a machine called an EEG.

Along with measuring theta waves in our near sleep state scientists have also observed theta waves during the zen meditation of very experienced Buddhist monks and in regular people during a session in a float pod.
It’s even been said that an hour in the pod is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep.

If you wish to connect with your inner self on a journey of self-discovery or just to push the mute button on the demands of a busy modern world then flotation therapy for stress relief, deep relaxation or meditation could be what you’re looking for.

Float to enhance your creativity, improve your focus and to revitalise your mind, body and soul.

Inside the gentle solitude and serenity of the float pod we can truly allow the distractions of the world around us to melt away.

With the mind at peace, free from the usual overload of sensory information to process we can achieve higher levels of consciousness, expanded learning potential, visualise our inner creativity and find unprecedented levels of mental focus.

Refresh your mind and body.
Revitalise your soul.

Float to ease anxiety or to assist with depression and addictive behaviours.

In a medicated world many people are seeking the benefits of natural healing remedies.

Like Dr. Justin Feinstein, a clinical neuro psychologist at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research whose preliminary studies have shown that flotation therapy has the same effect on the brain as some anti-anxiety drugs.

The late musician John Lennon who claimed he felt the best he’d ever felt in his life after discovering flotation therapy which he then used to help him overcome a heroin addiction.

Studies have also shown significantly reduced levels of depression after just a handful of sessions in a float pod.

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