Pure Zen Flotation Therapy Centre:

The Pure Zen Flotation therapy centre is a custom designed facility purpose built to create and offer the perfect float experience.

From our selection of the imported Dream Pod float tanks to the quality of craftsmanship and materials that went in to creating the centre itself, everything has been designed with your experience in mind.

From our choice of quality Australian made tea’s and and toiletries to our Dyson hair dryers and our 5 way pod cleaning hygiene system.

From our selection of quite location to our friendly well trained staff you can be sure the finer details have all been taken care of making Pure Zen the premier float centre in the ACT.

PureZen Floatation
Dream Pod

The Dream Pod – When it comes to our selection of float therapy vessel Pure Zen only use the “Dream Pod”.
Designed and built by one of the float industries leading companies the sleek and modern “Dream Pod” is one of the most advanced pods available today and features an ultra-hygienic 5 way cleaning system that automatically cleans and filters the pod between EVERY float. Upon request the Dream Pod can provide soothing chakra light animations which can be controlled from inside the pod as well as relaxing music or the music of your choice played via two tactile transducers that are embedded into the front of the pod providing excellent underwater acoustics.

Therapy Rooms

Therapy Rooms – When we designed and built the Pure Zen float centre the essentials of floating were at the core of our vision. Each of our pods is housed in its own private therapy room. For extra insurance against noise disturbance we have enhanced the sound proofing qualities of the dream pod by acoustically treating the walls, roof and door seals of each room. Inside each therapy room you will find your own private shower complete with fresh towels and complimentary Australian made Earth Basics toiletries. For your convenience both the lighting and exhaust fan will turn itself on and off automatically via sensors as you move in or out of the Dream Pod.

Chill Out Lounge

Chill Out Lounge – Floating can be a profound experience and we understand that some people may not wish to leave a relaxing session in the pod to head straight out the front door. Perhaps you’d like a moment to gather your thoughts or to allow your body and mind to gently adjust back in to reality.For times like these we invite you to relax in our transitional “Chill Out Lounge”. An inviting room of cosy ambiance designed to give you a space to reflect on your experience and wellbeing after a session. Rest under the calm of the gentle lighting and enjoy a complimentary herbal tea or filtered chilled water. Here you will find books on meditation and flotation as well as writing materials should you feel the need to record an idea, a thought or a feeling. The Chill Out Lounge is a place that exists between floating and the real world.

Hair Drying

Hair drying and make up station – After completing your floating session and spending time in the chill out lounge you may wish to tend to your hair or make up before leaving us. Located at the rear of the centre you will find a hair drying and make up station complete with high quality Dyson hair dryers, large lighted Hollywood mirror, toilet facilities, vanity and other essential items.